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50% Of New Businesses Fail Within 5 Years

A Wallaby Windows™ franchise is the safe bet when it comes to starting a business. With full support from our team, proven business models, and smart strategies for rapid growth, you can fast-track your success.

Why A Wallaby Windows™ Franchise Simply Makes Sense

  • Be in control of your financial future and have ample opportunity to increase your net worth.
  • Own an asset that pays dividends and can be sold for more in the future.
  • Have complete control over your career, hours, and investment.
  • Your reputation and brand name recognition are already established.
  • Joining an already successful brand means a lower failure rate.
  • Get a proven business model and strategies instead of learning on your own.
  • Be the first to tap into untapped territories you can later expand on.
  • Senior leadership of the Wallaby franchise system has over 40 years of franchising experience.

Ready to take the leap into franchising?

Benefit From World-Class Training

Get the world-class training that has created repeatable success again and again.

  • Franchise Training

    Learn everything you need to operate a successful franchise, even with no prior experience or knowledge.

    Get educated on every aspect of the business until you feel fully equipped to run a successful franchise location. Experience regular, recurring training that will educate you on the latest industry trends as well as focus on professional development and business coaching.

    In addition, you get exclusive access to our standard operating procedures manual. With the manual, you’ll be able to understand the intricacies of the industry and how to handle various situations that come your way.

    Get video demonstrations, step-by-step guides, and live advisors who are readily available to help.

  • Franchise Support

    Enjoy a support system that helps you when and where you need it most.

    Our operations team creates comprehensive, cohesive marketing materials so you don’t have to.

    Our high-tech marketing tools generate a steady stream of leads for you, so you’ll never run out of prospective customers.

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    Franchise Network

    Leverage the experience and knowledge of fellow franchise owners. When you need advice or suggestions, you can find the answers you need in the Wallaby Windows™ forum.

    You will have the opportunity to be paired with an experienced franchise owner in our Wallaby mentoring program who will guide you and show you how to build a successful franchise.

Enjoy Done-For-You Marketing & Lead Generation

Poor marketing is responsible for so many failed businesses. With us, your marketing is done for you. Here’s what you get by joining the Wallaby family.

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Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

Branded folder & brochure combo • Pamphlets • Business cards • Print Ads • Digital Ads • Signage • Exclusive library of lifestyle and technical photography • Exclusive branded how-to videos for your website • Promotional Products • Uniforms & Apparel • Library of Graphics

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Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Website with localized SEO and continued optimization • Google My Business setup & training • Social Media setup & training • Regular addition of fresh marketing campaigns • Development & testing for launching new campaigns • Preferred vendors • Blog & Vlog development • Promotional Videos • A dedicated Marketing Account Manager for your location

Home Improvement Franchises Are Among The Fastest Growing Small Businesses Today

The fastest growing small businesses in the US are tied to the fastest growing industries – that includes home improvement and construction. Here are the numbers.



Annual average growth rate of home remodeling.



Homeowners who make home improvements each year.



Median spending on home remodeling in 2021.



Expected increase in home remodeling from 2021 to 2022 alone.

Ready to take the leap into franchising?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience in window & door replacement or construction to become a Wallaby Windows franchise owner?

No experience is required. Window and door training is part of the extensive training provided upon becoming a franchise owner with Wallaby. Franchisees are also supported through various technology and software platforms to enable them to become consultative experts in window and door replacements.

What is the cost of opening a Wallaby Windows franchise?

The Initial franchise fee with Wallaby is $49,500. Please see the Investment page for more details.

How are the territories determined and are they protected territories?

Territories comprise 200,000 in population. Territories are protected by zip code and are only owned by one franchisee.

Do I need to lease commercial space? If so, how much?

Commercial space is not a requirement for a Wallaby Windows franchise. In fact, you can operate a Wallaby Windows franchise from your home if you’d like. However, if you would like to have an office space, you can. Lease rates will vary depending on your market.

What equipment, tools, and vehicles are needed to start a Wallaby Windows Franchise?

This is one of the best parts about a Wallaby Windows franchise - minimal equipment required. Only two vehicles are required to start and more can be added in the future as your business scales.

How much inventory do I need to purchase to start?

No inventory is required. All windows and doors are ordered specifically for each installation and delivered to the jobsite.

How many employees are required to start a Wallaby Windows Franchise?

Only two employees are required to operate a Wallaby Windows location. An Install Manager and a Window Consultant should you choose to operate in an Executive Ownership Model. Should you wish to be an Owner/Operator, the owner can choose to fill one of the roles and operate with one other employee. Installation is managed through subcontracted laborers.

Who is responsible for advertising?

Wallaby HQ has turn-key marketing options. Wallaby HQ will create your local website, all social media channels, and much more. Once your initial web assets are created, you, the franchise owner, are responsible for advertising locally, but are supported every step of the way by Wallaby HQ. Lead generation is supported through a well-selected group of digital marketing vendors and these are provided to you during onboarding.

How long does it take to launch after signing the franchise agreement?

Wallaby Windows can be launched and running in as little as 60 days of onboarding inception.

Does the business focus on B2C or B2B customer base? Who is the target customer?

Wallaby is both a B2C and B2B business focusing on residential and commercial replacement windows and doors. Opportunities are abundant with the simple Wallaby model.

What kind of initial and ongoing training does Wallaby Windows provide to help me get up to speed and operational?

Wallaby provides initial training which consists of a full week of onsite training at Wallaby HQ. Prior to coming to initial HQ training, there are pre-training videos and forms which will help to prepare you for your business ownership journey. Wallaby Windows franchisees also have access to ongoing operational and business support. One of the many benefits of franchising is the ability to learn and grow with other like-minded people. Wallaby HQ promotes group learning and best-practice sharing amongst all Wallaby locations.

Meet The
Wallaby Family

When you join our family, you have a team that is dedicated to your success and rooting for you every step of the way.

  • Scott Marr Image

    Scott Marr

    Founder & CEO

  • Megan Taylor Image

    Megan Taylor

    Executive Director

  • Caleb Kenner Image

    Caleb Kenner

    VP, Franchise Development

  • Joey Ginther Image

    Joey Ginther

    Director, Systems Integration & Support

  • Rachel Toedter Image

    Rachel Toedter

    Manager, Creative Marketing

  • Kelene Johnson Image

    Kelene Johnson

    Manager, Marketing & Brand Support

  • Kevin Robinson Image

    Kevin Robinson

    Manager, Operations

  • Rebecca Land Image

    Rebecca Land

    Senior Financial Analyst

  • Steven Thomas Image

    Steven Thomas

    Manager, Marketing Support

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