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Initial Investment

Your initial investment ensures you have everything needed to hit the ground running. See what expenditures are involved, what you get, and the price ranges you can expect.

Low-End Type Of Expenditure High-End
$49,500 Initial Franchise Fee $49,500
$500 Training Expenses $3,000
$8,143 Equipment and Vehicles $59,920
$150 GPS Tracking Systems $400
$2,000 Insurances $5,000
$14,000 Advertising/Marketing (Lead Generation) $14,000
$1,000 Professional Fees $5,000
$500 Office Related Expenses $1,250
$3,000 Computer, Phone, and Technology Systems $6,000
$5,000 Custom Marketing & Services Activation Fee $5,000
$2,500 Software Implementation Assistance Fee $2,500
$0 Business Licenses and Permits $4,000
$50,000 Additional Funds $50,000
$136,293 Total Estimated Initial Investment $205,570

Investment Options

Success-driven franchisees can own multiple territories. We offer flexible investment options at great rates, whether you’re looking to own one territory or buy an entire area.

1 Territory

Initial Franchise Fee

2 Territory

Initial Franchise Fee

3 Territory

Initial Franchise Fee

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Territories & Available Markets

Success is greatly enhanced when you’re in the right market. That’s why we only move forward with a new location when we have the ideal combination of partner and territory.

Explore the map to see which markets we’re looking for new franchisees.

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