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5 Signs You Need New Windows

How often do you think about your windows? Probably not often, unless they are causing you some sort of problem.

However, your windows could be doing you a disservice and you don’t even know it! Older windows do not function as well as newer ones and you could quietly be losing hundreds of dollars a year because of it.

Curious if you might need new windows? Here are 5 signs to watch out for.

1. High Energy Bills

Of course, a high energy bill could signify a lot of things. However, think about this. Heating and cooling account for about 46% of your home’s energy use.

Put that together with this nugget. The heat lost and gained through your home's windows makes up about 25-30% of the energy used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

In other words, a sizeable chunk of your energy bill goes to heating or cooling the outdoors — especially if you have older, less energy-efficient windows.

In a typical home, the windows are the weak link. Very little heat passes through insulated walls compared to the windows. Imagine how much heat is being lost through your old single-pane windows.

When replacing old windows with double-pane, energy-efficient windows, households save between $125 and $465 a year on energy bills!

2. Condensation and Water Damage

What if you already have double-pane windows? Is your home snug as a bug in a rug?

Not necessarily. As these windows age, failing seals and aging glazing allows moisture to get between the glass. You will see water droplets and condensation buildup and you can bet that if water is getting through, so is the heat.

Condensation can build up between the glass panes or on the interior or exterior of the glass. Typically you’ll see exterior condensation when it’s warm outside and interior condensation in the winter.

Furthermore, you may start to see signs of water damage and decay on your window frames. Unfortunately, the constant presence of moisture will cause rotting, water stains, and mold or mildew growth.

3. Your House Feels Drafty

As windows age, they begin to develop tiny cracks in the glass. The glass doesn’t break outright, but you can bet cold air is sliding in through those minuscule cracks and causing unpleasant drafts in your home.

You might notice it the most when you’re sitting for a while near a window. Your home is generally warm, but the cold draft coming from your window makes it uncomfortable to sit near it.

It’s also possible that your windows were improperly installed or the frames have warped over time. Even the tiny cracks or crevices caused by these problems can cause super chilly drafts in your home — not to mention drive up your energy bills.

4. Street Noise

Your home is your safe haven away from the rest of the world. Modern windows soundproof your home enough that you shouldn’t hear much street noise if all your windows are closed.

In fact, a properly installed and functioning window should stop about 90% of outside noises from penetrating your home.

It’s normal and acceptable to hear the occasional loud noise from outside your home. However, if you are constantly listening to every barking dog, honking horn, or the dull roar of the garbage truck every time it passes, it might be time for replacement windows.

5. Your Window Style Is Outdated

Though you may not have thought about it, windows have style too. And most of us can tell old- fashioned windows from modern looks even if we don’t think about it often.

There’s just a “look” that outdated windows have.

Maybe it’s the color or the grille pattern or something else about the window that screams 30 years ago. Regardless, it’s hurting your curb appeal to have those old windows on your home.

Curb appeal is something most homeowners think about only when it’s time to sell their home. However, don’t sell yourself short! You deserve to live in a stylish home — and enjoy all the other benefits that new windows can offer.

Ready for Replacement Windows?

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